DGPLUG Summer Training 2018

Hey everyone, in this blog post, I am going to share my experience of the dgplug summer training that I am a part of. It has been an incredible learning experience till now and I would recommend everyone who wants to be a better programmer or a better Contributor to surely be a part of it.

What is dgplug?

dgplug is an acronym for Durgapur Linux Users Group and it is a community that supports the use of open source softwares like those based on and for Linux/Unix. It organises this summer training every year for the students who want to delve into understanding the open source development from the foundations to the advanced level.

How did I come to know about this summer training?

I got acknowledged with this summer training by my seniors at my college. We have an Open Source Developers Community (OSDC) at our college and I am a new member of this community. Some of my seniors had been a part of this summer training since the last 2 years and so they guided us (some of my friends are also a part of it) to make it a point to join it.

My Experience

Overall, it has been a great experience till now. I got to learn a lot at an exponential rate which was not possible from elsewhere. Since, the sessions of the summer training take place on IRC(Internet Relay Chat), so the first thing that I got to learn was how to setup the IRC client and IRC’s commands.

Primarily, we were taught the basics of communication guidelines and mailing list etiquettes in an open source community by mbuf (Shakthi Kannan) . He also acquainted us to the awesome HowTo articles by Eric S Raymond. I thought the communication and mailing list guidelines to be a rather simple topic but as I read and understood,it had lot to offer. We were asked to watch the documentary Internet’s Own Boy which is based on Aaron Swartz,one of the greatest open source activists. I must say that I understood only the superficial layer of open source software philosophy before I watched this documentary and read this awesome article by Kushal Das - Hacker ethic and Free Software Movement . Do read this blog post as well as the documentary to understand what’s the difference between a Hacker and a Cracker and how did the Free Software Movement prevail.

After this, classes were taken by Kushal Das and Jason Braganza and these classes we were asked to read some chapters day by day from the book Linux for You and Me (which we call as LYM) and ask the doubts during the sessions. I read the chapters which were told to be read and asked the doubts if I had them.I really loved and I really appreciate how helpful is the dgplug community. They are always ready to help.We also had some guest sessions in between in which various open source maestros interacted with us and guided us. Some of them are Harish Pillay, Nicholas H. Tollervey and Pirate Praveen.

Next,we were asked to watch CitizenFour and Nothing To Hide documentaries which further helped me understand the need of privacy and the precautions that one must take in order to maintain it since people like Edward Snowden have been fighting for it since a long time.

Now, having understood the foundations of the open source culture and etiquettes, we were asked to maintain a blog so that we can track our progress and can develop a writing habit.

One can learn stuff about Linux/Development from many sources but the best things that I learned till now from this summer training that I found nowhere are:

  • We must develop a reading habit in order to learn.Learning is not getting spoon fed,it is reading,understanding and analyzing ourselves.
  • Patience.It is a must quality which you have to nurture if you want to collaborate to learn something from someone.
  • Staying humble and curious is the best way to become a good developer.
  • Hacking is building, cracking is destroying.
  • Community is everything.

Thus, I must say that dgplug summer training helped me understand the real etiquettes of a learner and applying them to programming,I am looking forward to learn that too to the best from them.

Thanks a lot dgplug for everything. I highly recommend everyone to attend its summer training at least once.

Thanks you.